Victoria COVID LIVE updates: State records no new local cases as restrictions eased in Melbourne; 25km limit, masks remain

Queensland police say five Victorians have been issued with hefty fines since May 28 for failing to comply with directions and entering the state without an exemption.

Yvette D’Ath, the state’s Health Minister, has issued a warning to those from Greater Melbourne who continue to try to enter the state without exemptions.


“There are people crossing our border who do not have exemptions or the travel declarations to do so,” she said a short time ago. “People who think they can avoid our border controls by jumping in a car, there is every chance that you will be found out.

“We will make sure you are found. We will make sure that you will face the consequences.”

Each of the five Victorians have been fined $4003.

Queensland recorded no new cases of COVID-10 today. There were fears a Melbourne couple who drove through NSW and into Queensland while infectious may have caused an outbreak.

Chief Health Officer Dr Jeannette Young said there were 316 close contacts of the woman and her husband.

“We also have a grand total of 959 people who have identified themselves through our portal as having been in either one of the close contact or the casual contact venues,” she said.

Deputy Police Commissioner Steve Gollschewski said police had not yet interviewed the couple.

“And we do not plan to do so until we are advised by health is it safe to do so,” he said. “There is no urgency in sending our officers to interview people who are infected until we need to do that.”

Dr Young said the couple’s virus had been partially sequenced.

“It looks like they have the Kappa variant, which is slightly less infectious, but still more infectious than previous variants,” she said.

She said of the 959 contacts, about 400 were close contacts.

When asked whether the couple were essential workers and if that may have explained their travel, Dr Young said that would “be part of the investigation”.


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